With Ticket Transfer, purchased day tickets or season tickets for a specific home game can be quickly and easily sent to friends, acquaintances or family members.

The desired ticket can be passed on both via our app and via the Ticket-Shop.

  1. App:
    • Go to the ticket wallet of our app and select the ticket you want to send under "My tickets".
    • Select the "Ticket weitergeben" button and follow the further instructions.
  2. Website:
    • Open the "My tickets" section in the Ticket-Shop.
    • Select the desired event for which tickets are to be passed on and click on the "Ticket Details" button.
    • Click on the drop-down menu in the ticket details and select "Ticket transfer". Then click on "Continue".
    • Finally, the desired ticket must be selected and the instructions of the Ticket-Shop followed.

The recipient of a ticket is informed by e-mail, which contains all the necessary information about the ticket transfer.

  • The sender of a ticket is informed by e-mail, if the ticket transfer is successful or canceled.
  • If the ticket transfer is successful, the ticket is automatically removed from the wallet and from Ticket-Shop. The QR code of the original ticket is also invalid.
  • If the ticket transfer is canceled, the original ticket remains valid.