To do this, the season ticket holder (first-time buyer) logs in to the EHC Red Bull München TicketShop in the "Login" section with his personal access data.

If you have any login problems, please contact

Seat Season tickets can be sold on the secondary market for all matches of the DEL main round. Standing room season tickets can be released if there are no more standing room day tickets on sale. For information, see .

The prerequisite is that you have purchased the season ticket to be offered with your customer data yourself from EHC Red Bull Munich.

As soon as the RBM has approved the secondary market, the seats for the corresponding match will appear in your My Account area of the RBM TicketShop under the "My Tickets" tab.

The season ticket can then be released for resale for the game via the slider behind the individual seat. As soon as the regulator has been operated, please enter your bank details for later crediting.

If the bank details are entered correctly, the offer can be published.

From this point on, the ticket will be visible in the RBM TicketShop and can be purchased as a day ticket. As soon as the ticket has found a buyer, the first buyer will receive an email about the successful sale of the ticket. A withdrawal of the offer is then no longer possible.

The proceeds of the sale will automatically be transferred from EHC Red Bull München to the bank account you have specified. This can take up to a month.

A withdrawal of the offer is possible as long as your offered ticket for the single game has not yet been reserved or sold.

As soon as a successful sale has taken place, you will receive an email that a new buyer has been found. At the same time, your ticket for this single match will be cancelled/invalidated.

Season ticket holders can offer their ticket via the RBM TicketShop if they cannot or do not want to use it.

The prerequisite for this is always that you have purchased the season ticket via your RBM customer data and that you are aware of it so that you can log in.

For example, day tickets, tickets from the guest area, free tickets, VIP tickets as well as standing room tickets for non-sold-out games and tickets already purchased via the secondary market cannot be offered. In addition, you can only offer your season ticket for a maximum of 15 games on the secondary market.

The credit will be credited no later than four weeks after the sale.

You will be informed about the sale by email.

Each season ticket holder can only offer their own seat for sale. This means that each ticket holder needs their own login or account with login data.

Please contact the administrator or authorized person of the season tickets in your company or fan club.

They apparently already have a profile. It is also possible that your e-mail address is already used as a login by family members. Therefore, please use a different e-mail address or log in with the usernames you provided when you first registered. If you have forgotten your password, you can request it again in the login area. If you don't remember your username, please contact

Unfortunately, not at all. Tickets that have already been purchased can only be sold online via the RBM TicketShop. We ask for your understanding.

Season tickets can be offered up to 2 working days before the match date here in the RBM TicketShop.

There can be different reasons for this. Please contact

The season ticket holder will be reimbursed the pro rata season ticket price per game.

Commercial or commercial resale is prohibited in accordance with our General Terms and Conditions (GTC, in particular §7, para. a). Please offer your tickets exclusively here via the RBM TicketShop.

The RBM TicketShop can only be used for home games.

If your ticket is not resold, you will receive an email 2 days before the start of the game. Your ticket will then remain valid for the match day.

You can also check whether your ticket has been sold here in the RBM TicketShop in the My Account section. Here you also have the possibility to withdraw your offer. Your ticket will then remain valid for the match day.